We are shipping to most countries worldwide. Should your country not be available in the list please drop us a quick Email here  and we will contact you asap.

Absolutely! OKKO’s balms are perfect for travelling. Being solid, there are no issues at airport security and no risks of spills in your luggage. However the balms tend to naturally get softer at higher temperatures. This will not affect your balms performance, and it will get hard again when the temperature drops. Please be mindful when you use it as the applicator will dispense more product when it is softer.

Avoid leaving your product near a sunny window or inside a car.


If you have any skin condition, we recommend asking your doctor before using.

Our face balms have been carefully formulated using non comedogenic oils and butters. Applied as recommended on our directions, our balms should be safe for acne prone skin and would not trigger break outs. It is important not to massage it in to avoid clogging pores. Glide over your face, and gently spread with your fingers, but do not massage in. Let it rest, it will absorb quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and non greasy.